CampaignAlyzer offers more useful features than any other tagging solution. So you can do more to customize the experience.

Clean Channel Reports

CampaignAlyzer ensures tagging consistency by providing a “how to” tagging model for application users. Users can conveniently reference previous values and campaigns as a future guide.

CampaignAlyzer also ensures clean channel reports by restricting users to pre-defined mediums for tagging. Only administrators have access to adjust the channels/mediums list.

Role-based Access

CampaignAlyzer allows account owners and administrators to easily set up any number of users the plan selected allows and grant them the account access privileges desired.

Users are either 1) administrators who have full access to all campaigns and account settings 2) editors who can add, remove and edit campaigns 3) or read-only users who can simply view reports.

Bulk Campaign Management

This advanced feature is specifically useful for large-scale campaign management. With bulk campaign management, you can easily move campaigns that are created using other programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, and import them into CampaignAlyzer.

This powerful feature is guaranteed to make your job easier.

Data Export

Organizations may want to share campaigns and tagged URLs with third party marketing agencies, without granting them access to the tool. CampaignAlyzer solves this issue by providing a platform for exporting campaigns into Excel, CSV and tab delimited files.

Attribution Model

Some organizations prefer to attribute their online conversions to the very first campaign, instead of the most recent. Google Analytics, by default, attributes the conversion to the most recent campaign.

CampaignAlyzer provides the option to track use by either model. If the first-touch tracking model is preferred, CampaignAlyzer will append the “utm_nooverride=1“ query parameter to the end of all tagged URLs.

URL Shortener

CampaignAlyzer utilizes the Google URL shortening service [goo.gl] for easy URL sharing and distribution across social media and other marketing channels. This service provides the option of using a short version of tagged destination URLs.

Analytics-Tool Agnostic

While initially designed to strictly manage marketing campaigns that are tracked by Google Analytics, CampaignAlyzer now has the feature that makes it an analytics-tool agnostic. So if your organization is already using different tracking variables other than the default Google Analytics parameters to tag your online links, you can now map these existing variables to Google Analytics’ campaign tracking variables.

CampaignAlyzer has the flexibility to use any campaign tracking variables you prefer. For example, your campaign tracking variables may use “keyword” instead of “utm_term” to identify the keyword or use “cid” instead of “utm_campaign” to identify the campaign name.

Tagged URL Case

Campaign parameters can come in a mixture of upper and lower case due to inconsistent tagging naming convention. This can cause visits to be spread out over different entries in the traffic sources report, which makes analysis more difficult. CampaignAlyzer provides the option to force all campaign parameters to lower case, consolidating entries and making for easier reporting and analysis.

Tracking Campaigns Across Multiple Analytics Tools

If your organization is using multiple web analytics tools to track your web traffic, then it is more than likely that the five default Google Analytics UTM parameters are not sufficient, and you need extra parameters to pass campaign information to the additional analytics tool.

CampaignAlyzer offers this option and allows you to specify a sixth query parameter to use to push campaign information to your desired analytics tool. You may opt to leave blank if not needed.


With CampaignAlyzer, users can annotate campaigns for future reference and clarify questions about the campaign. Annotations are stored in our database, so there is open access to all the latest information about any given campaign.

Google Analytics Integration (Coming Soon)

Our team is working very hard on bringing the Google Analytics data right here to CampaignAlyzer. We know that the marketing campaigns you’ve created through CampaignAlyzer are effecting your website’s traffic. By connecting your CampaignAlyzer account with Google Analytics you can now see stats about the performance of your campaigns including visits, page views, conversions, sales and more.


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