Tagging multiple campaigns used to be messy work. Now there’s a fast, organized solution that consistently tags, validates, and manages all your campaigns – so you can gain a competitive advantage.


CampaignAlyzer is a cloud-based platform where digital marketers can store their marketing campaign parameters in one database. Now you can streamline your online and offline tagging for dependable performance and measurement.


More Control. Immediate Benefits.

Ensure consistent naming conventions across every campaign.

Guide future campaigns by referencing previous campaign parameters in an efficient, adaptive process.

Confidently measure campaign performance in Google Analytics.
Some of CampaignAlyzer Feature Highlights

Clean Channel Reports

Never again worry what to name your tags or how to keep them straight.

CampaignAlyzer ensures consistent tagging. Previous values and campaigns can be referenced as a guide for future campaigns. Predefined mediums restrict rogue tagging. And only administrators can adjust the mediums list.

URL Shortener

Shorten and ship out your long, messy URLs easier than ever before.

We’ve integrated the Google URL shortening service for easy URL sharing. Quickly and easily generate the short version of tagged destination URLs. Improve your process, eliminate the errors, and rest assured your links are ready for social media and other marketing channels.

User Notes

Never lose track of important info about your campaigns again.

Leave internal messages about your campaigns for future reference, or help your team answer questions about the campaigns. Notes are available to everyone, so your entire group has the latest information about any given campaign.

Auto Lower-Case

Say goodbye to upper- and lower-case confusion in your campaigns.

Eliminate upper- and lower-case letters in campaign parameters that often mess with your results. You can force everything to lower-case to avoid inaccurate data.

Bulk Campaign Management

Build big campaigns in your favorite program and import them with ease.

Your large-scale campaigns won’t intimidate you anymore. Campaigns created with other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs are now easily imported into CampaignAlyzer.

More Time-Saving Benefits

Get good data even if you’re using more than one tracking tool with Multiple Analytics-Tool Tracking.

Choose specific privileges for administrators, editors, and read-only users with Multi-Level Access.

Share your data quickly and easily by generating Excel, CVS, and tab-delimited files with Data Export.

Go beyond Google Analytics default option to attribute conversions to the most recent campaign. Model Adjusting lets you use a first-touch tracking model.

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